San Francisco Airport Parking

As one of the busiest hubs on the West Coast, San Francisco International Airport parking (SFO) presents various parking solutions tailored to meet the needs of its diverse array of travelers. From cost-effective long-term parking to convenient short-term options, SFO accommodates multiple preferences and requirements. However, navigating the variety of choices, understanding the nuances of each, and deciding the most suitable parking option can pose a challenge. Comparing these options with alternative transportation methods such as rideshares or public transit could reveal unexpected benefits or drawbacks, fundamentally altering the approach one might take for their next trip from SFO.

Long-Term Parking Options

San Francisco Airport provides secure long-term parking options in garage and surface lot formats tailored for travelers planning extended stays.

Affordably priced starting at approximately $18 per day, SFO also accommodates overheight vehicles, ensuring accessibility for all types of travelers.

These facilities are connected to all terminals via the AirTrain Blue Line, enhancing convenience for users.

Park SFO Benefits

Park SFO’s range of benefits begins with its ParkFAST service, conveniently located in the Domestic Garage. This garage offers a high occupancy rate and easy access for travelers.

Their online booking system ensures your desired dates are available, and the maximum height of 6’10’ accommodates various vehicles.

Additionally, special offers are accessible to those who join the Park SFO email list, enhancing the value of frequent flyers.

SpotHero Parking Details

SpotHero offers a variety of parking options near San Francisco International Airport. Uncovered spots start at $6, while valet services are fixed at $15. The parking garage provides a contactless system for booking and payment through the SpotHero app, ensuring a seamless experience.

Special offers are available, offering additional savings and making SpotHero a convenient choice for travelers looking to manage their parking needs efficiently.

Parking Rates at SFO

While SpotHero provides competitive off-airport parking rates, the official garages at San Francisco Airport have different pricing structures.

  • Domestic Garage: $36 per 24 hours, with additional charges of $2 per 15 minutes.
  • Long-Term Parking: $18 per 24 hours, ideal for extended trips.
  • Booking Options: Available for both Domestic and International garages, ensuring convenience.

SFO Parking Versus Rideshare

Considering the range of parking rates at SFO, comparing these costs with the convenience and expense of rideshare services can provide significant savings for travelers.

When you compare parking options, including valet parking and access to electric vehicle charging stations, parking at SFO often presents the best rates, especially for longer trips, making it a more economical choice over frequent ridesharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Park at the San Francisco Airport?

Parking rates at SFO vary from $36 per day in Domestic Garages to $18 daily in Long-Term Garages and $45 daily for valet. Additional charges are $2 per 15 minutes for shorter stays.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Park at Sfo?

The most economical parking option typically involves utilizing off-site facilities or comparing prices via online platforms offering discounted rates and promotions for travelers seeking to minimize expenses.

Where Is the Best Place to Park at the San Francisco Airport?

The optimal parking location at the airport is the ParkFAST area in the Domestic Garage, known for its convenience and high accessibility, ensuring availability and efficiency for travelers.

Does SFO Have Long-Term Parking?

Yes, SFO provides long-term parking options, including a dedicated long-term parking garage with competitive rates, express entry and exit, and regular shuttle service, ensuring timely and convenient transportation to and from airport terminals.


In conclusion, San Francisco Airport provides various secure and cost-effective long-term parking solutions, accommodating diverse vehicle types with garage and surface lot options.

Integrating services like Park SFO and SpotHero enhances user convenience through online booking and competitive rates.

Compared to ridesharing, the structured parking rates and the added convenience of direct AirTrain connectivity to all terminals position SFO parking as a preferable option for extended travel.


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